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Provided by A-Star Appliance Service Company

Having a busted ice maker is no fun. We can assist you with your entire ice maker repair or ice maker parts in Long Beach, CA and the surrounding neighborhoods. We provide prompt and efficient ice maker repair service for a long line of satisfied customers. Don't bother trying to mend your ice maker on your own. Ice makers are not easy to fix, and you could also risk making the potential problem worse by tinkering with it yourself. Have the ice maker repair job done right the first time; call us now for our professional ice maker repair service.

We service ice maker repair in Long Beach, CA. Our experienced crew is ready to remedy all of your ice maker repair problems. We assess and address the specified issues until your ice maker is back to fully functioning order. So don't delay, contact us today. We'll be there to give you exceptional ice maker repair service on the next available appointment you select. We have ample experience diagnosing ice maker repair issues, replacing ice maker parts, performing routine ice maker maintenance, and all other areas of ice maker repair service that you might need. No matter how new or old your ice maker might be, we can service your model and brand. So contact us today, we're confident you'll be glad you did.

Long Beach Ice Maker Repair
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Professional Ice Maker Repair in Long Beach CA
provided by A-Star Appliance Service Company
3350 East 7th Street, Ste #252, Long Beach, CA 90804
Phone (562) 261-8318

Do you know that according to the latest report from U.S. appliance industry average life expectancy of an ice maker is between 5-10 years averaging at 7 years? Please consider carefully if an ice maker can be saved or its time is up. The best way to ensure your ice maker has a long, healthy life is to perform regular maintenance and have them checked periodically by an appliance repair expert.

Did you know?

Water is leaking inside KitchenAid ice maker
Whirlpool ice maker is excessively noisy
Cooling is less than normal in Vinotemp ice maker
Light inside Maytag ice maker does not work
Emerson ice maker is cooling excessively

Ice maker repair problems