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Has your oven gone out on you?

Do you detect a potential problem with your oven? If so, contact the professionals today.

We can help with all of your oven repair issues.

Our team of licensed technicians performs routine maintenance, dissects oven repair issues, and performs all types of oven repair services that you might be in need of. There is nothing quite like a good home cooked meal.

So if you are currently unable to cook on in your oven, we are sure that we can help. We service all brands and models of ovens, no matter when they were built.

Our past customers know that they can rely on our dependable and prompt oven repair in Long Beach CA, and areas beyond. Why put off having the oven repair issues assessed a moment longer?

Call today for all of your oven repair and oven parts in Long Beach CA. There are more important ways you can spend your time. Don't bother trying to fix it yourself.

Ovens are complex appliances and can be hazardous to your personal safety if you are not a professional. Let our experienced team of licensed techs provide exemplary oven repair service for you.

It's our job to get you cooking again as soon as possible.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Are you making horrible cakes when you use your convection oven? The reason for this is because your oven is using a circulation fan that delivers the hot air throughout the inside. The result of this is a reduction in the amount of rising that occurs; the heat distribution does not work in your favor. For baking cakes, it's essential to utilize the conventional baking mode instead. Additionally, the convection mode can achieve the same cooking results as a conventional oven, but at a lower temperatue - lower the cooking temp by roughly 10% when using the convection mode.


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