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We specialize in high quality washer repair for all makes and models of washers, whether new or older.

Every household needs fresh, clean clothing to run smoothly. So when you have a faulty washer on your hands, we know just how quickly the dirty laundry piles up.

This inconvenience can make for a messy and hectic household. We make our customers a top priority so that you receive prompt and exceptional washer repair service as soon as possible.

That way your household can return to normal and unneeded stress can go away. Avoid the prolonged inconvenience of not having access to a properly functioning washer.

Contact us today for best washer repair in Long Beach CA. Our crew of hand-picked, licensed technicians is on call seven days a week to help resolve all of your washer repair service needs.

We recommend having routine maintenance performed on all of your appliances, which can help avoid future, potential washer repair issues.

If you suspect that you might have a washer repair problem, delay in calling no longer. Waiting can only end up costing you more. We take pride in our professional washer repair.

You can rely on our efficient and prompt washer repair service. We service washer repair and washer parts in Long Beach CA.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Are you using the wrong temperature of water in your washing machine? Your water supply line may be the issue. Albeit, some washers now feature temperature sensors which may or may not offer the temperature you are hoping to use. Also consider if there is a clog in the water inlet valve as this can minimize the amount of hot water that passes through. In this case you will find your washer fills with colder water, even when you try to run a warm or hot water wash. Cleaning off the screen and unclogging the valve should help.


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